January update

Oh man, I hate it when I don’t write for a long time because then I have too many stories I want to share and too many stories I forgot about entirely and it’s so intimidating that I don’t write at all, thus perpetuating the problem.

So yeah, January. Chris’s family is in town for the whole month which is awesome because, hello, free labor!! Just kidding, it’s awesome because we are happy to see them. Especially our niece Molly who we haven’t seen in 2 years! Of course my body, being a complete pain in the butt, decided this would be a good time to get sick so I’ve been in quarantine for a week. Such a bummer.

Gabrielle, oh, Gabrielle. First of all, she and Molly are adorable together. Molly is teaching Gabrielle to jump and hop like a frog, and Gabrielle hops around for 3 hours after Molly leaves. Or wait, is that hopping or seizures of over-excitement?! Gabrielle has been begging to watch TV constantly since Molly arrived, and I think she is asking for it so much because it’s the one activity that really calms her down and gives her down time. I think even she knows she’s running on fumes. She’s used to the 2 older kids at daycare, but I guess she’s not used to having 4 new people hanging around in her house!

Talking about TV, Gabrielle outgrew her love of Curious George (I’m so sad!), now she only wants to watch Rio and How To Train Your Dragon. Last night we watched part of How To Train Your Dragon and she took our bearded dragon out of his cage to sit and watch the dragon movie with her! She makes such awesome connections between things sometimes, it still surprises us every time.

She’s also really figured how counting works, although she can only count to two by herself. Chris says it’s too early to peg her future career, but I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a really obsessive-compulsive accountant because the girl now counts EVERYTHING even when I don’t prompt her for it. She points to Chris and I and says “one-two!”, yep she has 2 parents. At dinner last night she counted “one-two!” glasses of wine. This child is so random!

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