Merry belated Christmas!

Yeah, I completely missed the boat on writing a heart-warming Christmas post like all other bloggers. I also didn’t take any pictures of our Christmas. Between the emails, the blogging, the picture taking… some days my phone feels like an extra job in and of itself and I just want some time off.

We did enjoy our 2-day Christmas break at my parents’ house, mostly the part about not doing any housework.

Oh, the housework. Where do I even start?!

We received our new gas cooking range yesterday and it looks fabulous! I was hesitating between the mac daddy of ranges (coming in at 2k) and a basic model (at $500) and finally decided to go for a happy medium. It is a 5 burners professional series something or other. I’m excited about the ridiculously high BTU output and Chris is excited about the 5th burner which is oval shaped for a griddle so he can cook pancakes like a pro. And you guys, the oven has a “pizza” button… A PIZZA BUTTON!!! None of that bake-4-2-5-start crap, no that’s way too many button pushes for pizza, we just need to push one button! Now that’s a feature we can both get excited about.

Anyway, yeah, housework. We primed the living room and part of the hallway last week. Yesterday Chris and I had the day off work but Gabrielle was in daycare, so Chris continued his work on reconstructing the closets in all 3 bedrooms while I painted the first coat of dark grey in the living room. I think everyone was afraid it would be too dark, admittedly I was a little bit worried too but it looks great! We’re really happy with the color. It’s dark, but not too dark… just sort of classy. I’ll wait until we have to 2 full layers on and the furniture back in place before showing off pictures.

In other news, 2012 is coming up. We’re hosting my family for new year’s weekend, a new tradition! I’ll be over here pretending not to freak out: I need to pack the fridge with food! Plan meals! Buy champagne! Clean the house! Wash bed sheets! Finish painting the living room! AHHH!


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