Forced vacation

New tires on my car? Check.
Roof fixed? Check.
Plumbing fixed? Check.
New floors installed? Check.
Disneyland? Check.
New tooth? Check.

It was Chris’ 30th birthday on Thursday. We had the flooring guys prep the floors, the roof guys fixing the holes on our roof. All of our belongings were crammed in the garage, kitchen, and bathrooms. The house was totally unlivable. We had planned to rough it out, but when we saw the extend of how crappy it would be to take care of Gabrielle in a torn up house for 3 days, we decided we needed to a better plan.

So what are 2 parents and a sick teething toddler to do? Go to Disneyland, of course! We figured if we were going to get a hotel, we might as well make a vacation out of it. I’d been wanting to bring Gabrielle to Disneyland for a couple of weeks, so we decided to give it a try. We figured it would probably be a huge disaster, but Gabrielle loved it, sick and teething and all!

About the sickness, well Gabrielle gets a mild cold every time she gets a new tooth. She had recently finished with her first set of molars and her canines, and with a total of 16 teeth we thought she’d be done for a while. The second set of molars usually come in around 2-3 years old. But no, not Gabrielle, she moved right along into the second set. No one gets a break! So she had a runny nose but was otherwise fine.

Anyway, so Disneyland. The first thing we tried was the carousel. She saw it and we asked her if she wanted to ride a horse and she said yes. We didn’t know if she’d get scared, but she loved it. In fact, she threw a tantrum every time the ride was done. Well we had all day, so we rode the carousel many MANY times. She would laugh and yell “WEEEEE!” over and over.

Then we moved on to the circus train ride. No hesitation there, she’s rode toy trains before, she loves the ride, and the loves trains. This one was no different. We walked around toontown then she napped in the stroller while Chris and I ate lunch (pizza). When she woke up, we gave her our pizza crust (as usual)… she loves “chizza”! I don’t know why she has a hard time with the P in pizza, but it’s pretty cute. I ask her all the time what she wants for dinner and she says “chizza”. That’s my girl.

(This was her reaction to Minnie Mouse!)

She was a bit out of sorts in the afternoon, she rode in the stroller for a couple of hours while munching on her “chizza” crusts, just totally content to eat and relax. A first for her! We rode the carousel again, then left Disneyland with a tired cranzy tantrum-y toddler. We decided to go back to the hotel to relax, she watched a movie while we rested our eyes, oddly enough she was on her second wind by then.

We went out to Downtown Disney for dinner, she fell asleep in the car on the way there at 5pm. Such a late nap would surely spell disaster! We went to a restaurant with her still asleep, we made a make-shift bed out of chair an enjoyed a calm adult dinner!

Gabrielle finally woke up at 6:30. Honestly, I think she could have gone for the night but we went back to Disneyland to keep her awake until a decent hour. She was so out of it! We rode the carousel a few more times, she barely looked awake and didn’t show any emotions except for the occasional weak “weeeee”. She even did the Pirates Of The Carribean scary boat ride, it even had a few steep falls but she was totally unphased. Tired, tired baby! We took pity on her and went back to the hotel after that.

The next day we drove back home in the morning, but the floor guys were still there so we stopped by the Ventura mall. There’s a Christmas toy train ride at the mall, of course she spotted the train within 5 seconds. She was so funny though, she was RUNNING after the train as fast as her little legs could, chased it through half the mall yelling “STOP! STOP!” because she wanted to catch up and get on! Poor thing was getting out of breathe running and yelling so much! Everyone was swooning, she was just so adorable about catching her train!! Finally the train stopped at its designated “station” and we got on. “Weeeee!” Crazy girl.

Our new floors look great by the way, what do you think?

From House


From House

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