Things are looking up!

Gabrielle’s language has been exploding lately! She’s saying a ton of words, and now she’s figured out sentences.

It started last week when I was driving home with her. As we got close to home, I said “we’re almost home!” and she started saying something over and over. At first I didn’t get it, then from her repeating it I was able to make it out… She was holding on to her little bag of car toys saying “don’t take the bag”!!! I made her repeat it 10 more times because I could not believe it, she was quite insistently pleading “no don’t take the bag”!! She’s been changing it up to fit the situation too, last night we were picking a color in an iPad game and she said “don’t take the blue”. No blue, ok! You got it!

Other good news, the seller agreed to pay for half of the plumbing repair cost. At first they accepted to pay half if we signed a document saying we couldn’t sue them if any other undisclosed problem came up… Hum, NO! Finally they accepted to pay half without any addendum, so we’re pretty happy. It’s not the full repair amount, but it’s 1500 which is a pretty significant help. And now that it’s settled, we can finally schedule the plumber to do the work. Oh and the plumber also called us back to say that trenchless repair was possible after all (originally he said it was not possible because of our size pipe) so we’re quite excited. It will be cheaper (shh, don’t tell the sellers!) AND we won’t need to rip out the driveway!

Also the floor guy is coming to install our new floors on Friday and Saturday! Hi mom and dad, we’re coming over to stay with you this weekend… again! 🙂

What other pending contractor jobs are there? Oh yes, the furnace repair guy told us the asbestos removal guy actually damaged the roof while removing an old heater pipe so now we’re dealing with a roof guy. He’s booked out until January but he came recommended so we’ll wait. In the mean time we have a hole in our roof that was temporarily patched by the furnace guy. The patch has held on well through the hard rain we had 2 days ago but if it continues to rain the roofer said he’d squeeze us in sooner. Now I’m kind of hoping it’s going to rain so we can get it all done. We’re quite sick of dealing with guy this and guy that. Anyway, since it was the asbestos guy’s fault, we’re going to send the bill to him. Another repair we won’t be paying for, sweet! Our roof needed a minor fixup anyway, so we’re knocking two birds with one stone.

Chris is turning 30 in 2 days! We have nothing special planned, I feel like a terrible wife. We’re not exactly party though, and we’ve got Gabby who still oblivious to other people’s special days, so birthdays are kind of low key these days. Still though, 30 should be special.. what should we do?!


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