The details

Oy, ok. I’ve posted pictures and little tidbits, but not the meat of things.

We faced a plumbing problem. On the very first day, we hooked up the washing machine in the garage and ran a load just to find a backflow of water all over the garage floor. Roto-Rooter came in, snaked the pipe for temporary relief, but told us that essentially the pipe will continue to fill back up with dirt because it is broken. It is the secondary pipeline which basically does nothing other than serve the washing machine in the garage. Thankfully, the mainline is ok. Still though, he quoted us at $5k to fix it because it requires ripping up the driveway and part of the front yard. Joy.

We called in another company, a local company this time. They confirmed the same issue but quote us at $3200, including some additional work I want done (bringing a gas line to the kitchen so I can have a gas stove instead of electric). He also gave us the option of installing a kind of septic tank/pump thing instead of fixing the pipe line, which would be considerably cheaper, but we figured might as well fix it right the first time.

We figured this is an issue the original seller had to know about (unless they never did laundry, which I doubt) and did not disclose it to us, so we contacted our agent about it. He agreed that it’s hard to believe the seller would have not known about this issue and they should have legally mentioned it because they signed a disclosure agreement and they should be the ones to pay for it. Chris and I have no interest in taking this thing to court or anything, but we figured it can’t hurt asking nicely. So we’ll see.

Aside from that, we had the furnace guy come in yesterday for some repairs. We came home to find this note “Didn’t have time to finish hooking the furnace back up, will be back tomorrow morning to finish the job.” This dude left us heatless in December without so much as a phone call! What the heck, who does that?! So we took a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase a space heater, that was super fun.

We also took on some ambitious home improvement projects. Each of the bedrooms had ugly closets that ran the width of the room with ugly floor to ceiling doors. It was such an eye sore! We ripped out all the closet doors and Chris will install dry wall to make the closets smaller (still big, but more proportional to the room) and the door shorter (down to the normal 80″ doors).

We are also getting new flooring installed over the majority of the house, so hopefully we can to finish the closets remodel before the floor guy comes in. Chris already started in Gabrielle’s room, which is now a mess so she’s back to sleeping in our room again! She’s dealing with all these shifts very well, better than the cats who just cry and cry and cry constantly. Both of them lost their marbles in the move. Luckily I have my little helper, when the cats cry I yell “cat!” and Gabby goes off running after them screaming “bad kitty!”. Works like a charm.


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