Our evenings usually go like this: dinner, about 1 hour of play, bath, pj’s, bottle while watching an episode of Curious George, books, brush teeth, bed.

When it is time for a bath, I get the bath cleaned up (i.e. wash away the ants – it’s that season again) while Chris gets Gabrielle ready. She gets quite excited about baths and would jump in full dressed every single night if we didn’t stop her. He has a routine with her now, he has take catch her before she jumps in and he asks “are you naked? no, you have shoes on!” then removes her shoes and repeats this procedure for every item of clothing. She inevitably makes a dash for the bath in between every item. She LOVES this game and thinks it is so funny.

We can barely get through dinner anymore that she takes Chris by the hand and drags him to the bathroom. She’s ready for the dressing game! We have to distract her until it’s actually time to start the bedtime routine.

Anyway, finally later the bath is done and pjs are on. It’s now time for bottle and Curious George. The girl LOVES Curious George. I really enjoy it too because Gabby and George are SO MUCH ALIKE. It’s ridiculous. Man in the yellow hat, I feel your pain!

When she decides she has had enough George, she – hold on to your hats, people – walks to her bedroom, turns off the light, grabs her teddy bear Ella, closes her bedroom door, jumps into bed, and yells “night-night!”

WHAT?!?! What kid does that?!

Yeah, crazy. I wish that were the end of it, but unfortunately that exemplary behavior is following by 30 minutes of trying to jumping out of bed while I push back in. Come on, she went to bed on her own, why can’t she stay in?! I’ve seen pinball balls bounce around less than Gabrielle when she goes to bed.

Well at least we went from 60 to 30 minutes, it’s a work in progress.


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