House update

Good news!

First of all, our loan was conditionally approved! We just needed to provide a few extra documents (pictures of checks, one bank statement) and then we’ll be all done on that front. Easy breezy. Our mortgage broker has been awesome, our real estate agent is floored with her. He can stop gushing about how fast she is and how far along we are compared to his other clients. We have 2 weeks left on escrow and we’re basically done with everything, now we just have to wait for the seller to move out. Oh yeah, and pack!

Second good news, we got a quote of $1,800 from the asbestos removal contractor and we got the seller to credit us for it! Since we already received a 10k credit from the seller for closing costs as part of our offer, we were afraid to ask for more. We discussed it with our agent, we decided to ask for an additional $1,800 credit to pay for the asbestos removal. After all, it was falling apart and was a serious health concern if left as is, why should we pay for that? Good deal for us!


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