Halloween aftermath

Chris’ pumpkin:



Our little witch:

We went out trick-or-treating last night. We were planning to do just a couple of houses in our neighborhood, the houses who know Gabrielle and have seen us walking her around day in and day out since she was born… At the first house, she said trick-or-treat (which sounded like tweet tweet) and got candy and said thank you and bye bye. So cute!

The second house, the guy answered the door in full dark scary wizard costume and there was scary music… That was the end of cuteness. After that she was holding on to us with a death grip, saying NO! NO! when we knocked at doors, crying at little kids wearing scary masks. She was done!!

So yeah, we did 3 houses total. We went back home and I have her a Twizzler for her trouble and she was a happy girl once again!

(Happy birthday month, Ariane!)

Why yes, thank you for remembering it’s my birthday month! I’m turning 29 on the 29th, it’s my lucky year!


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