From 1 hour to 1 minute

I know you guys are under the impression that I’m still suffering through one hour of standing next to the crib every night while Gabrielle falls asleep. Let me give you an update.

The transition happened so fast. First she wanted to fall asleep in her crib, as I mentioned. But she kept trying to pull me in to cuddle with her so I assigned a teddy bear as her sleep cuddle buddy. My replacement, so to speak. It worked great, but she still wanted me standing by the bed as she fell asleep.

After a week or two of standing, I moved to sitting a foot away from the bed. She was not happy at first but she got used to it in a few short nights.

After sitting stopped being an issue, I figured why not try to leave the room entirely? A bold move. When she calmed down (but was not yet asleep), I’d sneak out of the room. When she called out for me, I’d go back in. Sometimes I have to go back and forth a few times. But more and more, I can put her in bed, say “good night”, she’ll say “night night”, I walk out conspicuously, and she falls all alone on her own.

Now that, my friends, is progress! Of course now she can’t sleep without the teddy bear, but better it than me!

I almost feel like a don’t deserve such ease. Did I sell my soul to the devil to get this? Gabby-I-can’t-make-anything-easy can’t possibly be that easy, this is a trick, right? I try to remind myself I’ve already paid my dues and then some. I deserve this! It’s about time!

…I just hope it’s here to stay!


2 thoughts on “From 1 hour to 1 minute

  1. This used to work for us. At some point everything just went downhill. If it’s important to you, stick to your guns! I’m a pushover in this area so well, I guess you shouldn’t even listen to me.

    • Yeah, I’ve been in this game long enough to know that success isn’t permanent. I definitively bring Gabrielle in our bed very often in the mornings, it’s still the only to keep her sleeping past 5am. I have no conviction at 5am!

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