In Escrow

Oh my god you guys, Gabby is popping out her last molar from this set!

Oops, wait, no, that’s not the big news at all. The big news is we made a second offer on the same house in Goleta and they accepted! We offered quite a bit more than we did the first time, even quite a bit more than what we initially thought the house was worth. The reason for that is:

1. After reconsideration we thought that maybe it wasn’t really so overpriced. We saw a lot of houses in the same price range which required a lot of updating. In this house a lot of it has been done already.

2. We ask the seller to credit 10k of the house price towards closing costs. I.e. the seller is paying for all of it!

3. We decided we can assign a certain monetary value to being done with this house hunting process. I know we just started looking and that some people consider house hunting “fun”, but we’re tired people with an active toddler and house hunting is time consuming and emotionally exhausting. I 100% hate everything about it.

That is not to say we rushed our decision just to be done. There was really something about this house that felt like home. Chris and I had disagreements about a lot of houses, but we were on the same page with this one. It just fit. I kept thinking about how to decorate it. We can see ourselves being happy there for a long time. Now I just hope we’re right!

So yeah, we’re in escrow starting today! Look at me using big words like “escrow”, I have no idea what any of it means. I can understand a lot of things in this world, but I cannot figure out for the life of me anything remotely related to finances. Or legal procedures, or politics, or… hum it’s a long list 🙂

Anyway, we’re excited! Actually our reaction resembles a lot our reaction to finding out I was pregnant with Gabby. I am blindly excited and Chris says he is excited but he looks like he’s freaking out, what with the fetal position and the rocking back and forth and the foaming at the mouth.

I’m still being a little weary with my excitement though, I know there’s a number of things that could make this deal fall out. But we are looking forward to having the extra space!!


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