Big Girl Stories

Gabrielle’s language is coming along! She is starting to repeat what we say and answer questions too, it is so cute.

I can ask her what sound an animal makes. She knows cow (moo), dog (woof woof), cat (meow), bird (tweet tweet), duck (quack quack), crow (ka-kaw), bear (roar), moose (moo, her decision not mine).

We were playing with her hand puppets. She took the penguin and me the cow. I tell her “you have the penguin so you have to say quack, I have the cow so I say moo.”
She says “MOO!”
“No I say moo, you say quack.”
“No Gabby I say moo you say quack!”
I guess one animal at a time from now on, huh?

This morning she was playing with a outside toy that was dirty at a property we were visiting. Chris told her “that toy is poopy” (yeah, I don’t know, he usually doesn’t use the word “poopy”) and she turns around and yells “POOPY!” We couldn’t stop laughing. Of all the words, she had to pick that one. Of course.

Later on we stopped by the Goleta Lemon Festival. We told her where we were going and she repeated lemon multiple times trying to get it right. “Memon lele lelo melon lemon! Lemon!”

Fun stuff!


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