Good things

Good thing #1: Sleep.

I did something I thought I would never do… I brought Gabrielle to sleep in our bed with us. I know, I know. I was all “rah rah no family bed!” for 15 months, but you know what? I’m tired. So when I’m rocking Gabrielle in the middle of the night because for whatever reason she won’t sleep anywhere but on me and I’ve been up for hours and I swear if I spend another minute in this rocking chair I might kill someone, I bring her in bed so we can both finish our nights. Amen.

Good thing #2: Slothing.

My mom agreed to babysit Gabrielle on Saturday. (That would be tomorrow, sweet!) It’s been challenging not sleeping so well and then having to act super energetic and excited for Gabrielle all day long (on weekends that is). Play! Run! Park! Downtown! Beach! Peekaboo! Run! Smile! Ugh. I don’t want to sleep, I just want to do things very very slowly. Like a sloth. Slothing, it’s a word.

Good thing #3: Sleep.

So important, it comes up twice! Gabrielle had a good night last night. Finally, one good night!

Good thing #4: Making stuff up in my head.

Chris picked up Gabrielle from her crib when she woke up this morning and brought her to our room (so that she would yank my butt out of bed). I joked to her “who are you?” and I swear she said “I’m Gabby!”. Chris says she totally didn’t, but whatever.

Good thing #5: iPad.

Duh, totally forgot to talk about the iPad. We have an iPad! My parents got it as a gift and already had 2 so they gave the new one to Gabrielle! Which is even more generous than it sounds because theirs are 1st generation iPads and the new one is a 2nd gen.

We went to the Apple store to buy a smart cover and we gave Gabrielle the choice of orange, green, or blue. She touched the blue one and said “blue” so now we have a blue cover because that’s the only color she knows!

Happy Friday!


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