Yesterday we went to the mall in the early morning, all the shops are closed which is great because Gabrielle gets to stretch her legs without bumping into everyone.

Gabrielle found balloons locked inside a jewelry store but the strings were outside. She tried to pull them out! We had to grab her away kicking and screaming for fear that she’d trip off the store alarm!

In the afternoon we went to the park to see the ducks. The girl goes psycho for birds!

In this next photo, I like to say she’s “excavating” so I don’t have to acknowledge my daughter is the weird one laying in the dirt path taste testing the soil.

At the playground:

It’s amazing she’s as happy as she is during the day, as I mentioned her sleep as been horrible for a month. This weekend has been pretty terrible. Last night she slept until midnight in her crib and the rest of the night was spent with me or Chris. One bad night sucks, but the accumulation of so many bad nights week after week, I actually cried right along with her last night because I was so exhausted. We are little more than brainless zombies at this point, Chris and I both considered calling in sick today. In the end though, what’s one day of rest in the grand scheme of things? Gabrielle will keep teething right along and after a couple of days we’ll be right back to exhausted so what’s the point? We’ve already asked for so many favors at work, we need to actually put in the hours to pay our dues. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? On the bright side, I think I’ve been losing weight despite eating all the junk a tired brain craves, I guess you burn a lot more calorie being awake rather than asleep at night!

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