Difficult week

Ok, so I’ve been slacking off in reporting our adventures of last week. I don’t even know where to start.

Our daycare lady Kim was/is on vacation (last week and this week) so we’re really struggling to cover all shifts here. Chris and I are taking turns working remotely from Thousand Oaks as much as possible while my mom watches Gabrielle during the day, and my mom is coming to Santa Barbara the rest of the time so that we can occasionally show up at the office and not get fired. I’m just thanking my lucky stars we have my mom around, otherwise we’d be in serious trouble. Oh yeah, and Kim is going on vacation again in October, fantastic!

We’re especially thankful that my mom is willing to put up with Teething Gabby. I guess it’s just as well Kim was on vacation because Gabrielle couldn’t have gone to daycare anyway, one molar came out last week accompanied by 4 days of 101+ fever. Fever and, of course, zero sleep for yours truly. Gabrielle did NOT want dad to hold her at night, only mommy. All through the night. Which eventually contributed to item number 3…

I am sick. My body tried to fight it off last week, it really tried. But without sleep, something had to give and I spent most of the long weekend sleeping all day at home while Chris toted the teething toddler through town. Ah ha, see what I did! Alliteration! Chris can do these all day long and I am so bad at them. But ah-ha! I’m on fire today. Must be the cold medicine. Anyway, color me thankful towards my wonderful husband!

And finally, I haven’t talked about this on the blog I think, I signed up a while back for an evening computer science class at SBCC which started last week. I can retake the Google interview if I prove I’ve taken appropriate measures to “sharpen up” my skills so here I am. Back to school, 10 years older than all the students, uncomfortable chairs, pop quizzes and cumulative midterms. I tried not to break out in cold sweats during the first class. I’m too old for this!

Of course, when I signed up for the class, Gabrielle was sleeping through the night and I was feeling energetic. Now, I’m feeling pretty stupid signing myself up for yet another way to lose sleep. Oh well. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever fought for a job so hard in my life. Google better let me in or I’ll start busting down some doors. But one thing at a time and for now I have to concentrate on passing this class with flying colors. Then I can worry about taking on Google.


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