Getting home

We had a great weekend in Seattle, but our return was not so smooth. When we travel from the Santa Barbara Airport, we usually park my car at my office and walk to the airport. It’s so close and free!

This time it was not free. See, my office requires employees to put in an overnight parking pass if they park overnight. I usually follow this procedure, but this time I forgot to get the pass ahead of time. So I told Chris to drop me off at the airport with Gabrielle and to go park the car at my office even without the parking pass and walk to the airport to meet us.

I have to explain that in my years of working there, I only once got an email saying “there’s this car parked in our parking lot for 3 months. Does it belong to anyone? We’re going to tow it.” So I figured: they’re not going to tow my car after just 4 days. And I’ll check my emails in case they announce a towing.

We came back and Chris went to fetch the car while I waited at the airport with Gabrielle. It was taking a long time and of course – he comes back on foot saying the car was towed. What to do? Well Gabrielle was happy so I told him I’d entertain her at the airport while he took a taxi to the towing company to get the car.

He calls me a little later, the towing company said it will take 45 minutes to get the car from the lot to the front. Of course. Gabrielle was still happy, so whatever. He comes back to the airport some 40 minutes later. Yay, the car is here! WRONG. From all the frantic running around, Chris had forgotten to take the keys from my backpack!!! So he took a taxi back to the towing company AGAIN and a bit later Voila! We’re all in the car and headed home some 2 hours later than expected.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering “how did he get from the towing company back to the airport to get the keys?” He hitchhiked!!

So there you have it, the most difficult and expensive way to get home!


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