PAX 2011: Day 3

Final day of PAX, so sad!! Today was a day of panels for us. In the morning I attended the “Geek Parenting” panel (by the blogs GeekDad and GeekMom, which I love) while Chris and Philippe attended Omegathon round 4: Portal 2.

The Geek Parental panel was great and they made loads of family friendly game recommendations that I’m excited to try with Gabrielle in a couple of years!

After that we regrouped for “Insider Insight: Awesome Video Game Data”. It was a solid high-paced hour of purely statistical data by EEDAR (a research company). And it was the most interesting panel I’ve ever attended in all my PAX years! Focused, condensed, prepared, entertaining, thorough. And who doesn’t love random statistics?! I want to work at EEDAR now. I can totally do research. And statistics, sure.

Finally there was the final Omegathon round which always remains secret until the very end. It was… Zelda! The first player to get something or other (I’m not super familiar with Zelda terminology), wins!

And just like that, with a Zelda winner, PAX was over. Now we head back to reality, starting with a plane ride tomorrow, joy.

We are going back home with many games (video and board) on our to-play list, not that we ever have time or energy to play these days! We are also going back home with a renewed sense of who we are (besides just parents), with memories of spontaneous games with random people while waiting in line, and with (way too) much passion and excitement about playing games as a family in the near future.

See you next year, Seattle!

One thought on “PAX 2011: Day 3

  1. And we enjoyed being with Gabby, we did monorail tour, boat tour, walked every street around the hotel, visit Pike Central Market, walk the sea port, saw large cruise ship, saw sea lions, tries all kind of goodies, visited Brainbridge island.

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