PAX 2011: Day 2

We started out our Saturday with HaloFest. I had no idea what HaloFest involved but every time I asked “what is HaloFest” I received the answer “it’s Halo’s 10 year anniversary”. Yeah, but what IS IT? We had to wait in line to find out. The line wrapped around the building and the guy instructed us that the line continued in the alley around back. Suuuure it does… Not creepy at all!

But we did walk around back (for the record, it wasn’t sketchy looking at all) and found a legit line out in said alley. We did find appropriate alley graffiti though!

We only had to wait 15 minutes and then the doors opened and we all got in. So what IS HaloFest? Life size decor, costumes, miniature reconstructions of Halo maps, and lots of well-equipped stations for playing Halo!

This is my Halo MO, punching people on the back of the head! Surprise!

Next we walked around the show floor briefly and then joined my parents and Gabrielle for lunch. Oh, I forgot to mention Chris and Philippe stopped by the Unbearably Over The Line Weird People Boring area (others might know it as the game Magic). They bought a couple of decks card boxes thingies while I shakes my head disapprovingly. How can you enjoy Magic, it’s so slow! It’s cards! There’s nothing flashing at me in a stressful seizure-inducing manner! Yawn!

More show floor pics:

In the afternoon we attended the round 3 of the Omegathon, sadly I can’t find the name of the game anywhere but it was a Tetris-type Xbox live arcade game that Chris believes is called something like Lumis. Anyway, it was very stressful and entertaining to watch! Afterwards, Chris, Philippe, and I all wanted to see how well we would do at that game so we headed to a freeplay area in search of the game. There are a gazillion freeplay rooms with equipment mostly borrowed from random people willing to share for the event! This is what one room looks like:

Some rooms have a theme, like classic consoles… Where I found this classic!

Ah yes, the Nintendo64, Pokemon edition!

Anyway, we couldn’t find the “Lumis” game but we played some other xbox live arcade games that were fun! After that we went to the panel “We are Xbox Live: Ask Us Anything”, a Q&A with some of the people working on the Xbox Live team. I was really interested in the questions people had to ask, in most panels the questions are the most interesting part! Unfortunately they spent half the panel introducing themselves. It was interesting but I wad mad because I wanted to hear Q&A!

Later we attended the “Education Through Play” panel which was, hum, something else. The main guy was very preachy, but his point was that the education system is outdated and things should be more fun and self-taught (like how you learn the names and type of hundred of Pokemon cause you have fun doing it). In some ways I agreed with him, but there are extremes for everything and his ideas were a bit hippy trippy for me. That being said, we’re at a video game conference and when the panelist said “raise your hand if you work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)”, about 90% of the room raised their hand. Correlation?

Next was round 4 of the Omegathon: Dance Central 2! Tell you what’s fun, watching 8 white guys competing in a dance game! I’m really sorry I missed video taping the first 2 dancers because one was deliciously horrible! Sorry dude! I did video the rest for you fine folks, I’ll include it in it’s own post.


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