The blue queen of Santa Barbara

We’re leaving tomorrow, we’re leaving tomorrow! We’re all excited, except for Gabrielle who has no clue what’s going to hit her. Our flight is at 5:30pm so Chris and I are working tomorrow morning. I’m leaving work at noon and getting a haircut with my free afternoon. A haircut! * angels singing * Yay! I cannot express how excited I am to chop this dead mop of hair I carry around in a ponytail everyday. It’s so dull, it’s so heavy, it’s so ugly! Chop!

After the haircut, it’s errands and packing then we’re grabbing up the Gabster from daycare on the way to the airport. We’ll be landing in Seattle 30 mins past her bed time then I’m estimating we’ll finally arrive at the hotel 1.5 hours past her bedtime. We’re mildly terrified about that. The Gabzilla past her bedtime? Oy. But at least it’s a direct flight only 2.5 hours, thank god for that. Let’s hope she falls asleep calmly on the plane and sleeps all through our getting to the hotel (30 min train ride). Yeah, a mom can dream.

We have a box of sidewalk chalk out on the porch for Gabrielle, the girl can’t get enough. She doesn’t really “draw” but she likes to leave little marks. Everywhere. There’s nothing she’d rather do than walk around her neighborhood and mark things. Like a cat. Doors. Gates. Sidewalks. Walls. Trees. Bus benches. She doesn’t care. She loves it so much that she refuses to be trapped indoors. We’re calling her the “Queen of Santa Barbara”, she waves royally to her loyal subjects getting off the bus stop near our house and says bye to the bus. Every 30 minutes without fail, we’re still outside and she waves. And the people, they eat it up! Is there anything cuter than being welcomed off the bus by your very own waving baby ambassador? Albeit one covered from head to toe in blue chalk dusk, her favorite color.


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