I love you

Gabrielle has had a bit of a word explosion this week now that her ear is clear again. I’ve been playing with her saying “I love you” and giving her kisses and letting her give me kisses (which is actually a kiss 10% of the time and a big fat doggie lick of the cheek the rest of the time).

Well tonight she was feeding me cheerios (ah, life with a toddler!) and thinking that was really funny when she said something I didn’t really understand then shoved her hand in my mouth and pulled me by the jaw towards her. I was still trying to figure what was going on (am I being attacked by a ninja?!) when I realized she was trying to get me close enough to give me a kiss! Turns out what she had said before was a mumbled “I love you.” Aww, melts my heart! Her first sentence is “I love you”, parenting win!


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