The potty news today is that there is no potty news. Friday was my day off with Gabrielle so I put her in training underwear and I was going to this. Yeah! I was so motivated. Gabrielle was excited to use the toilet. This was going to happen.

I put her on the toilet often, as Kim suggested, and by the late afternoon the “yay toilet fun time” became “wah get me off this thing I hate you”. The only thing she wanted to do was carry her step stool to the sink and play in the water. Or shred some toilet paper like a demonic cat.

So yeah, I’d call Friday a potty training failure. We’re taking a step back. Maybe potty training as a whole day activity is not quite her style. I guess I’m not surprised… a whole day trapped indoors at home, boring! What was I thinking, really?!

In the good news department, Gabrielle is growing up so fast!! She’s been engaging in some pretend play lately, which is new. She puts her teddy bear to sleep by covering it with a blanket and carrying it to her bed or ours. So cute! She also pretend-pours tea for us! She actually gets annoyed if she pours tea and we’re not waiting eagerly with a receptacle, making a bowl with your hands is acceptable. Thank god there’s no actual hot tea involved!


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