Hello Danny

Potty news, cause I know everyone is DYING to know all the details.

The equipment: Let’s start with the fact that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING. I browsed the internet and found 2 options: a little plastic toddler-sized toilet, or a smaller toilet seat that sits on top of the regular toilet. From what I could see, the plastic potty was for smaller kids and the toilet seat for bigger kids. But the thought of having to clean a plastic potty bowl every time Gabby used the toilet vs. flush and no cleaning? Oh yeah, you better believe I chose the toilet seat. If that fails, we can revisit the plastic potty.

The trial run: I bought the toilet seat online and received it Tuesday. Before her bath last night, we sat Gabrielle on it for the time. She peed in the toilet! Oh my gosh, potty training is done!!! We are genius parents!!!

The next morning: We sat her on the toilet this morning, she pushed and pushed, but nothing. We take her down the toilet, she pees on the floor right next to the toilet not 1 minute later. Oops! Ok, so looks like we may still have some work ahead of us. But still, we’re not off to a bad start!

By the way, she LOVES the toilet. She loves grabbing the toilet paper while she’s sitting on the toilet and dropping it in the toilet and flushing (this will get expensive quickly if we don’t relocated the TP!). She waves bye bye as the water flows away. Too funny!

Totally off subject (thank god, I know)… Kim has a bearded dragon called Danny and the kids love playing with him. At home, Gabrielle climbs up a chair to see our bearded dragon Catch in his cage and I’ve been saying “hello Catch” all the time to teach her to say that but she always says some nonsense. We finally figured out she says “hello Danny” to Catch! So now we’re just calling ours Danny too so it’s less confusing, all bearded dragons look identical anyway!

So you know, she doesn’t say mama or papa but she know Danny’s name. Yeah, that’s cool.


One thought on “Hello Danny

  1. Two computer geeks doing potty training. Too funny. Their solution? Browse the web!!! My bet is Gabby will figure it out by herself quickly to avoid embarrassing her parents for too long.

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