Train schmain

I don’t have more Fiesta pictures to show you from the rest of the weekend because, well, if you’ve seen one picture of Fiesta you’ve seen them all!

On Sunday afternoon we did something new! When we purchased our zoo membership, it came with 4 free tickets to ride the little kids’ train that goes all around the zoo. We thought Gabrielle was too small to enjoy it before, but we decided it was time to give it a try. We figured she would either love it or scream the entire way. Turns out she was rather neutral about it actually, not a common emotional territory for her! She looked a little worried, observed everything quietly, and then it was over. So much for that!

Oh I forgot to mention on the blog that we took Gabrielle back to the ENT Friday morning and she had a little bit of water in her right ear. Will we ever get rid of these ear problems?! So now she has antibiotic ear drops. She hasn’t been sleeping well ever since we started the drops, I wonder if it’s because of the drops or just a coincidence. We think we are seeing a molar starting to emerge, maybe that’s the problem?! Gosh, we’ve been saying for months “maybe she’s teething” every time she gets cranky… Could it finally be true?!

Interesting news, when I dropped off Gabrielle to Kim’s this morning, Kim said Lola (the oldest kid there) is starting preschool next week. So sad to see her go! There will actually be a new baby (3 months old!!!) coming today as a test. Kim is not sure how it will work out, a small baby with 3 toddlers. She thinks it will be ok if the baby is very mellow. Crazy to think Gabrielle won’t be the baby of the bunch anymore! It will be interesting to see how Gabrielle reacts to having a small baby in her group.

Oh gosh, another crazy news, Kim told us to start potty training! She said Gabrielle is very interested in the potty training the older kids are doing. I don’t know anything about potty training! Where do I even start?!


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