Man, Gabrielle has been a hand full at home lately. It’s tantrum here and meltdown there. But she’s so happy outside! It feels like it was 5 minutes ago I was saying how happy she was at home now, what happened to that?

I think a big part of it is adjusting to Chris graduating. Since he has more free time now, he’s been, for example, keeping up with the dishes more often… But Gabrielle goes crazy every time he’s cleaning and not playing with her! I think it’s little things like that, just adjusting to a new standard of things I guess.

Anyway, it’s summer and we’ve had so many fun outside events to attend! (thank god!) On Tuesday evening we went to a free concert in a park. We brought a picnic and met friends there. Somewhere between the live music, eating outdoors, and the huge number of kids running around, Gabrielle short-circuited and actually SAT STILL for a whole 5 minutes. Just sat! Unbelievable, I know!!!

Yesterday after dinner we went to her friend Aurelia’s birthday party. I know Aurelia’s mom from work. Anyway, most of Aurelia’s little friends were non-walking 11-13 month olds so Gabrielle’s gave them a run for their money. Some babies were just sitting calmly in the grass in the backyard (I still can’t believe some kids are chill like that!) and Gabrielle was covering them with stuff. She brought them toys and balls and everything, I guess she didn’t want them to be bored!

Talking about children interaction, I picked up Gabrielle at daycare on Wednesday and Lola (who is a year older than Gabby and quite the talker) just blurted out to me “I HIT GABBY”. Just like that! Then Kim told me Lola did in fact hit Gabby today and… Gabrielle hit her back!

My first reaction was to be a little proud. Attagirl! My little girl isn’t taking crap from no one, twice her size or otherwise! Then I felt guilty for being proud… Hitting is always bad, right? Turn the other cheek and whatnot. One thing’s for sure, Gabrielle can hold her own!

It’s Fiesta week in Santa Barbara, I sense churros and margaritas in my immediate future! Happy Friday everyone!


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