The last of Palm Springs

I thought I’d write a bit more about the trip to Palm Springs since I only showed you pictures so far!

So on Friday we drove to Thousand Oaks to drop off Gabrielle with my parents. After a 3 hours drive east, we arrived at our hotel. We stayed at the Westin Mission Hills Resort which is technically in Rancho Mirage not Palm Springs proper, but in my head all of that desert area is called Palm Springs so whatever!

Anyway, we chose the Westin because we always choose Westin whenever possible. Westin has never let me down and in my experience it has always been worth every penny, which in this case was not many pennies because summer is the slow season in the desert and I got an awesome price. And because we’re super cool (or super repeat customers at the very least) we got upgraded to a golf-view room for free. Sweet!

We arrived at the resort at 1pm so the first thing we did was grab lunch at the hotel restaurant. We noticed a lot of people with name tags with an “Elevate” logo. We didn’t think anything of it, until I saw a poster that said “Elevate – Southwest Singles Conference”. It’s when we noticed the definitive lack of drunken debauchery and slutty dresses that we got worried. What kind of singles conference was this?!

Turns out it was a MORMON singles conference. Well that explains things!

Ok, well maybe that’s really all I had to say about Palm Springs. The mormon singles conference story. The rest of the time, we vacationed the only way we know how and the way only we know how… We bought wine at Walgreens and drank it in the room with takeout food while watching bad TV. Alternating with lots of time in or around the pool. Divine!

We came back Sunday and were glad to be reunited with Gabrielle. That was our longest vacation without her! We were also glad to hear that Gabrielle threw tantrums with my parents too, we were a little bit afraid she only had those with us! She’s been dealing healthy portions of crazy lately, but gosh darn it she’s so cute maybe we’ll keep her!


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