Palm Springs continued

There was desert here before…

There is desert here no more!

This was the view from our room:

Friday night we had dinner at Cheesecake Factory. You know, the one IN the pond!

After lounging at the pool most of Friday afternoon and evening, we felt productive enough to go see the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Saturday morning. It goes all the way to 8500′ of elevation in 5 minutes! At the top, the flora is much different, as is the temperature!

Looking up:

Looking down:

View from the top:

Hiking around:

About a fifth of the way down, I started to video the descent for you. You can travel down with us!

Ok, it’s not exactly a thrilling video, but it’s a nice view!

One of the thing that still impresses me the most about Palm Springs area is the “wind farm”. The pictures don’t do it justice, it is actually quite beautiful to see those tall white wind mills slowly turning around. Quite relaxing!

Finally, I couldn’t end a post of pictures with some Gabster in there!


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