Man of few words

I’m writing from my Nook for the first time, so bare with me. Well it might not be painful for you but it’s very painfully slow for me as my fingers try to learn a new keyboard spacing and format. Muscle memory cannot come quickly enough!

Anyway, if you were curious, after she stopped dairy Gabrielle went back to sleeping through the night after just a couple of nights. THANK. YOU.

Chris started his first week of post-grad-school employment this week. The verdict? “I like it,” he said. I sure hope so cause you’ll be doing it for 60 more years! He was insulted I wasn’t going to let him retire until 90 years old in this hypothetical scenario, but then I reminded him that he’s obligated to live with me until there’s 4 generations under us and that’s like 120 years old so he’d still have a 30-year retirement, which is pretty generous of me thankyouverymuch.

We somehow convinced my mom to babysit Gabrielle for 2 nights this weekend. Chris and I both requested Friday off so that we can go on a little weekend getayway to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary in style after barely acknowledging the last one. I will keep the destination is a surprise to share with you Friday when we arrive!


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