Milk haters, unite!

There’s lots of stuff I’ve been saving, let’s see…

On Sunday afternoon we had lunch with Chris’ ex-phd-advisor and his family. His advisor has a 5 month old baby and he kept looking at Gabrielle and saying “wow! She’s not a baby, she’s a toddler! Look at her go! Wow! She’s not a baby!” I think the poor guy was expecting a baby much like his own except bigger. Instead he met Gabzilla. He seemed both amazed and disheartened. Lucky for him, not all kids have such a strong case of the crazies!

This week Chris surprised me with a new Pearls Before Swine comic book and a Nook Color! He said it was a gift for helping him out (with Gabrielle, housekeeping, etc) while he was so busy finishing up school. Thanks honey! My brother bought a Nook Color recently and loaded Android on it, essentially making a relatively cheap Android tablet. I’m still amazed that an eReader can be powerful enough to handle a full operating system. I’ve been playing with developing some Android apps so I’m happy we got our own DYI Android tablet to play around with!

In less fun news: milk. I hate you, milk!

Our daycare lady Kim was asking me when we’d switch Gabrielle from formula to whole milk. It’s something that you’re supposed to do around 12 months and she’s already near 14 months. I’ve been dreading it because last time we introduced cow’s milk in her diet (in the form of formula) she was upset the whole month we tried it and didn’t sleep for another 2 months after that. Milk and sleep issues, related? I don’t know. One thing is for sure, if it was up to me I wouldn’t touch milk again with a 10 foot poll, just in case. Then again, I’d rather have Gabrielle drink milk than complicate her life with having to constantly avoid dairy, so we had to try.

Kim told me she’d start giving Gabrielle milk after she was done with her current tub of soy formula. Well last night Gabrielle had an upset stomach, was screaming bloody murder in pain, had the worst case of diaper rash I’d ever seen, and didn’t sleep well at all. Hum, I guess Kim started the milk? Yep.

This time we won’t be trying to “push through it” for a month like our doctor suggested last time with the formula! My uncle (also a doctor) said to stop right away and try again in a couple of months. Now that’s advice I can get behind! Done and done. Oh I hope she goes back to sleeping through the night right away, I was just getting used to sleeping again!

3 thoughts on “Milk haters, unite!

  1. My daughter had a horrible milk allergy and she grew out of it around 14 months. We started with cheese and a little yogurt. She never drinks milk as she doesn’t like it but we have substituted with drinkable yogurt and cheese.

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