Movie night

Gabrielle did wake up once last night but she sounded better. Let’s hope for a full night tonight!

Random bit of news: we are microwave free! I put something in the microwave a couple of weeks ago and it totally smelled like burning and it wasn’t the food. That lame excuse of a microwave has been ruining our food for years so I wasn’t sorry to see it go. And once it was gone I was so happy with the extra counter space that we decided to become a microwave-free family!

Honestly we’ve considered it before and I’m glad we’ve (forcibly) made the jump, food reheated on the stove top tastes so much better! And it’s evenly warmed! And it doesn’t take much more time.

Anyway, I’m just here to share some videos for you! First, we have Gabrielle cherishing a shiny card (of all things):

Then we have her showcase her dexterity. She can connect duplos too!

More of the same, but at least she looks happy about it this time!

Something that sounds like “balloon”. It’s a work in progress…


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