Shock and awe

Last weekend we celebrated Chris’ graduation and my father’s birthday by spending the weekend with my family in Thousand Oaks. My brother came up from San Diego as well. As a gift, my parents took us all out for brunch on Sunday morning at the Four Seasons in Westlake. My mom reserved a table outside so that Gabrielle could walk around. There were just a handful of tables outside overlooking a big yard with a large pond and a whole wall of waterfalls in the back.

The hostess took us to our table and you should have seen Gabrielle’s face when she saw the big wall of waterfalls. Pure shock and awe. She stopped walking dead in her tracks, her eyes went huge, her jaw literally dropped, and her mouth was shaped like a big O. I wish I could have caught it on camera because it was just priceless. I had never seen that face on her! Chris missed it which is unfortunate because I’ve been thinking about it and laughing over and over, it was just so funny! I swear, I could have caught Santa Claus putting one million dollars under my Christmas tree and still not matched her face.

Anyway, after that we ate. And ate and ate. The food was really good. Then I felt sick for the rest of the day from eating too much! Brunch and I have a love/hate relationship. In the afternoon Chris and I went to our local mom-and-pop’s pet store and the girl there (late teenage girl covered in piercings) who loves Gabrielle told me I looked so fit. Hum, do you not see this GIANT BRUNCH BELLY? Anyway, if someone tells you you look fit after brunch, that has to be the ultimate compliment. I was so happy!

Chris is taking this week off. It took everything I had to convince him to take some time off before starting work. He kept saying “well what am I going to do?” and I told him “clean the apartment for all I care, just promise me you’ll take some time off”. I guess he took that literally because when I left him this morning he had a long list of self-imposed chores. Wash the windows, wash the floors, remove hard-water deposit from bathroom faucets, etc. I tried to tell him this morning to take it easy, you think he heard me? We’ll see when I get home!


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