Wait, what are you talking about?

Almost Friday, hurray! This week has been eventful. Chris passed his defense on Tuesday so you may now call him Dr.Chris!

Some things are going to change around here. First of all, now that Chris isn’t running of to school every single evening, I’m going to start walking after Gabrielle goes to bed. And I’m going to start yoga again. My body needs exercise something fierce. All the post-breastfeeding wine (hum, like every single evening!) isn’t helping me feel “healthy”, though it sure is pleasant, tasty, and relaxing!

Side story: during my walk last night I saw a dog wandering alone on the side of the street. He wouldn’t let me near him, but he didn’t look lost so I figured he probably escaped from the house nearest to where I found him… one of those multi-million mansions on 1 acre on land near the mission. Once I started going on the property he barked at me so I was sure it was his home. He wasn’t aggressive though so I keep walking up the long long long driveway and he followed me. Finally he came close enough that I could check his tag and I was at the right address. I knocked and a teenager answered. She was really thankful I saved her dog from traffic! It made my day, I’m a dog savior!

Anyway, back to the things that are going to change around here. I requested to officially cut my hours at work so that I can take every other Friday off to watch Gabrielle since her daycare is only Monday-Thursday (Chris will cover the other Friday). My boss had agreed I could take some Fridays off if I made up the time in the evenings, but it just really hasn’t been working for me. I tried to make up the time, but I’m spread thin enough as it is. With Chris graduating, I decided we both have been working hard enough for long enough; money be damned we can afford to take it easy for a little. She won’t be little forever. My new reduced-hours contract is valid for 6 months and after that we’ll reevaluate if whether I can come back to regular full time. Anyway, I’m SO excited about getting more time with Gabrielle on a regular basis, especially guilt-free time that I know I won’t have to make up later!

I also have something to share with you, my brother Philippe started a blog: Addicted to Distractions. It’s video game reviews and some technical rambling, check it out if that sounds interesting to you!

Oh, one last funny story. Our TV stand has been caving in ever so slightly from the weight of the TV, and a while back when Gabrielle was a newborn Chris had suggested getting rid of it and using our current coffee table as a TV stand. I was super against it because *gasp* where am I going to kick up my feet if I have no coffee table? Plus I figured Gabrielle would enjoy running around it, which was true for a while. Except now she wants to climb on top of it so it’s less fun. And seriously, when do I even get a chance to sit on the couch and kick my feet up these days anyway?! Like never. So I tell Chris last weekend:

Me: “Honey, I’ve been thinking and I think I’m ready to come around.”

Chris (completely shocked and terrified): “OH. MY. GOD.”

Me: “Hum, what do you think I’m talking about?”

Chris: “Wait, what ARE you talking about?!”

Me: “The coffee table. I think I’m ready to use it as a TV stand so we have more free space.”

Turns out Chris thought I was ready to have another kid!!! Ha ha ha ha NO WAY! No wonder he looked so shocked! Then he was teasing me forever about what kind of person announces furniture decisions with such an enigmatic entrance? Me, apparently.

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