Long long weekend

I’ve accumulated a whole bunch of videos for you! I’ve been meaning to put them on the blog for a while but… I procrastinate…

Gabrielle loves the broom. don’t ask me where she gets that from, it’s certainly not from me!

We’re training her at the fine art of using a remote control! Next up: video games! (I say “next up” but we’ve already started. She LOVES Little Big Planet. She can watch us play for a while, and she can kind of move the character left and right a little more)

She has this little suction cup fish toy, you know the kind you push down and after a few seconds it pops up. She still jumps a little every time the fish pops.


Gabrielle turned 13 months this week! New this month:

  • She points (finally! It’s so helpful to understand what she wants)
  • She throws fits at the grocery store because she wants the big fancy balloon they put everywhere. Why do stores do that to us parents?!
  • She says “og” (dog), “at” (cat), “oof oof” (woof woof), “too too” (choo choo train). Sure, it’s not exactly perfect execution but it’s progress!
  • She understands some of what we say! What a relief, the girl can HEAR! She puts her shoes away when we ask her to (but only one, never both! And only if she feels like it. And assuming of course that she doesn’t get distracted on the way there.)
  • She also understands “where are the birds”. The hotel near our house has a big bird cage and she knows how to get there! (Assuming again that she doesn’t get distracted on the way there.)
  • She climbs. Oh she climbs! On everything. All the time. She can climb on the couch, on the coffee table, on our bed, on my saxophone box, on the dining room chair (and consequently the table if I wasn’t watching her). NOT my favorite part of toddlerhood! Scary.
  • She sleeps through the night! It’s not an every night thing, but it’s happened a few days in a row this week. Hurray!
As for us, Chris is working like a crazy madman to get everything ready for his defense on Tuesday. Tuesday! He’s at school all day, comes home to have dinner with us then heads back to school, comes home to sleep for a few hours, hangs out with us shortly in the morning, then the whole thing repeats again.
As for me, I’ve been blogging less which is weird because I have more free time. Gabrielle goes to sleep at 7:30pm and with Chris at school I have 2 or 3 hours all to myself every evening. And with Gabrielle sleeping better (watch how I just jinxed myself) I’ve actually enjoyed enough energy (barely) to do extracurricular activities like baking and crafting after she’s in bed. After 1 year of spending my free time on low-energy level activities (reading, watching tv, blogging), it’s been nice to throw some variety into the mix!
Happy 4th of July weekend! I’m watching Gabrielle tomorrow so I have a 4 day weekend. Chris will be working of course and all my friends are leaving town for the long weekend, it will be a few days of quiet mommy-daughter bonding time!

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