My painter

What a great weekend we had! My mom babysat Gabrielle Friday night so Chris and I had some time off to rest. Usually in this situation we would go out for a fancy dinner, play video games, etc. This time I was (we were) so tired, I didn’t want to do ANYTHING. We sat. We watched TV. Nothing else. It was amazing!

We got to Thousand Oaks in the early afternoon Saturday. Chris stayed with Gabrielle at my parents’ house while I went out for a facial! It was somewhat relaxing although the lady kept talking and talking. Now I know that she has 3 kids, how far apart they are, how long she breastfed them, how many sibling she has, how far apart she thinks my kids should be, etc. And I’m pretty sure she was completely insane because of this story: she told me her daughter was potty-trained at 12 months and the very unbelievable part was the story about how it happened. This lady was walking by the bathroom and she found her 12 month old sitting on the toilet and that was the end of diapers. Let me get this straight, at 12 months old your baby walked to the toilet, took off her clothes and diaper, somehow climbed on top of the toilet without falling in, turned herself around without falling in, and then sat on the toilet without falling in. At 12 months. Riiight. And who leaves a 12 month old unattended for that long near an unsecured toilet anyway?! I can’t even have Gabrielle in the bathroom with me for half a second while I brush my teeth that she’s unrolled the toilet paper everywhere, taken all the trash out of the trash can, and is throwing all my cosmetics in the bathtub!

I don’t know. Anyway. Saturday evening we had dinner with our friends Justin and Kristin and their new baby! It’s crazy that not so long ago we were planning dinner for “the 4 of us” and now it’s “the 6 of us”!

Finally today we played at home, kicked a ball around outside in the parking lot (one of Gabrielle’s favorite activities lately), visited an open-house (for a house that turned out to be 140k over our budget!), and Gabrielle made her first art project! I found this cute idea online:

The website sells this, but I thought it would be a cute DIY project. Canvas, glue wood letters, paint. Easy! Then I took it a step farther, I figured every year we can let Gabrielle paint on a canvas and we can overlay it with a word that best describes her at that point in time. How fun would it be to see the progression over the years, in the art and the words!

So here we are, year 1: we let her finger paint on the canvas. It was very easy to pick which word would best describe her right now:

Not bad for a first timer, huh? Thankfully we were smart enough to have her finger paint naked, this is what she looked like at the end!


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