The girl who ruined father’s day

I’m a day late but happy father’s day to all the dads!

We had a relatively good father’s day, in a way. Chris woke up feeling ill and feverish so I left him alone for the day and went to Thousand Oaks with Gabrielle. Chris was able to sleep it off, I went shopping with Gabrielle and my mom and had a chance to hang out with my dad. Gabrielle and I were back home to a healthier happier Chris and we were able to enjoy dinner, wine, and cake together.

For dinner we had California Pizza Kitchen as we do very often. Chris always always always orders the buffalo chicken pizza, I vary it up every once in a while. Anyway, as we were picking up our two buffalo chicken pizzas to-go, the lady at the counter told us they were – wait for it – discontinuing the buffalo chicken pizza. *Gasp* Way to ruin father’s day, lady! That’s the first time I saw Chris cry.

Ok, Chris didn’t cry but seriously, I am so sad. Shocked. Upset. Appalled. Enraged. Chris, however, is cool as a cucumber about it because he is in complete denial. “Oh they’re taking it off the menu so they can bring it back in a couple of months and call it the ‘buffalo chicken pizza – the original’.” WHAT?! I think the big news popped a breaker in his head or something. How can he have such faith it will just *poof* come back just like that?

The lady, being the good salesman that she is, continued to tell us they were redoing the menus and the buffalo chicken pizza was no longer going to be on the menu but that they are adding this great new adobe bullshit pizza that’s awesome if we’re into spicy. Oh yeah, you better believe we gave her attitude, as if we’re just spicy pizza whores. That’s not how love works, lady! You can’t just switch one pizza for another just because they happen to both be spicy!

Of course, you can believe my next question was “when is this going into effect” and she said June 29th. The game plan: we have 9 days to eat as much buffalo chicken pizza as possible so hopefully we’re so sick of it, it won’t matter it’s gone.


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