Anothet sick week

What a disastrous week! Our daycare lady Kim wasn’t feeling great last week. Next thing you know, all the kids caught her cold including Gabrielle, all the parents caught it including Chris and I, even my mom caught it. I swear, the black plague wasn’t this efficient.

Our week consisted of: many sleepless nights, a trip to the ER, a very mean nurse, and many trips to Thousand Oaks so Chris and I could get work done while my mom watched Gabrielle. Long story short, Gabrielle is on antibiotics for bronchitis but guess what, her ears are clear! Silver lining, people. Silver lining.

In the end, we’re all looking forward to the weekend. Except Chris who has to go to school to catch up. Only a couple of weeks left!

At least rest assured, we’re all getting healthier… slowly but surely. Happy Friday!


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