Lovable but not employable

Going through the interview process at Google really woke up something in me. It made me realize that yes, I want to work at a company where I know and love the product. I want to be able to show my work, share it with family and friends, click on a button and say “see Gabrielle, mommy did that!”

Then came the application addiction. I applied everywhere. Every big software company I could think of. Scratch that. Every California-based software companies who’s product I love which is actually not that many companies compared to the number of big software companies total, but still very many for one person to apply to.

LinkedIn and Playdom (Disney’s online gaming website) rejected my application without so much as a phone call. Glassdoor and Facebook contacted me to schedule phone interviews. I haven’t heard anything from many more.

I absolutely and horribly failed the Glassdoor phone interview last Monday. It was way too technical in the foundation of data structures and yeah, it was very embarrassing. I didn’t get a good vibe from the guy either, so I don’t really care.

The Facebook interview was yesterday. Oh boy. It was very similar to the Google interview, and I SHOULD have done fine. But I panicked and blew it. I’ve heard people say they panicked in an interview and I thought it was just something people said when they don’t want to admit that they didn’t know the answer. But now I know better. On the second coding problem, I started off on the wrong foot and then I PANICKED. I knew I was on the wrong track, explained to the guy the correct solution, but the logic was a little tricky and the longer I stared at the screen trying to code it, the less I could think. Just plain panic. White noise, screams, “oh my god just think Ariane!! Stop thinking about how long it’s taking you and just think! Think! Don’t think about thinking, think! Oh god this is taking too long!” When I got back to work after the phone interview, I was able to code the solution and send it to the interviewer by email, but I’m afraid it was too late. The interviewer and I emailed back and forth a few time post-rejection from the recruiter, and he said it was great talking to me and he was sorry about the outcome but loved my attitude. Looks like a landed a friend instead of a job!

Guess what was the last thing Google’s recruiter said to me? “I love your enthousiasm.” Apparently people love me, but my skills are just *not quite there* for the software giants. In the grand scheme of things, not quite there for the software giants can still be pretty high by normal industry standards so it’s still kind of a compliment. There’s a cool-off period before you can apply again, but I figured since I’m so close to getting in that I might as well hit the books and try again if nothing else more interesting pans out in the next few months. I may take a refresher class in the fall if I still feel inclined to study for repeat interviews by then. We’ll see, there’s a lot of factors in what our near future will hold.

One of these factors is Chris’ big news: he scheduled his defense for July 5th! And then he will be done! His biggest wish for graduation: never hearing a single word about school or graduation after July 5th. Be warned!

Besides all that, there’s a lot more interesting things going on around here. We all managed to travel healthy and come back healthy (a first in my book), just to get hit by diseases at daycare. Our daycare lady Kim was not feeling 100% this week and now Gabrielle woke up with a cold Friday morning and the same for me this morning. Booh! At least we’ll put these ear tubes to the test, will she get an ear infection like she always does with a cold, or not? Fingers crossed!

The exciting thing about this cold is that I’ve stopped breastfeeding since Monday so if I get really sick this time I will be able to take medicine for it! Yep, I made it nursing one whole year and now I’m done. So so done! I’ve  enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner almost every day this week, just because I CAN. I’ve had extra caffeine because I CAN. And I’ll finally be able to get the medication I need to clear my horrible freaked out weird acne skin I’ve had on my face since I got pregnant. I will have my old skin back, woot!

Gabrielle had her 1-year checkup this week. Stats: she is in the 90th percentile for height, 60th for weight, and 70th for head size. Her proportions are changing quickly, I swear sometimes she looks different from one day to the next.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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