We made it!

We survived our traveling day yesterday! We left Santa Barbara at 6am to drive to my parents’ house in Thousand Oaks. We stayed there for a couple of hours and then all left together in 2 cars for LAX. The timing was perfect, we were not rushed or had time to kill. We checked in our bags, went thru security, bought snacks, and then it was time to board the plane!

Now the plane ride. It went well. That being said, I’d rather get a root canal than fly with a toddler, but it went as well as we could have hoped for. She was whiny because she was bored and we walked around the plane a lot. She cried for a little while as she was trying to fall asleep for her nap, but then napped for an hour and a half. Chris and I both watched Rango while she slept and she woke up 15 minutes before the end. How frustrating, couldn’t she have slept 15 more minutes?! Ha Ha! But seriously, some guy told us at the end how great she did, he said he took his son on the plane when he was 1 and he screamed the entire time. So yay, go Gabrielle! She is a busy body and a whiner, but she is not a crier.

I have to say though, our trick was food. Specifically these organic fruit purée that comes in squeeze pouches with a plastic tube opening. It’s made by Plum. She can happily stay occupied with those things for 30 minutes! She sucks on the plastic tube spout, slurps the goo, chews the spout. It’s heaven in a pouch! I wish I had bought more for the way back.

We’ve already had some rain here, but besides that I have to admit I’d forgotten how beautiful Montreal is in the summer!


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