One week

My baby is turning 1 year old in one week. ONE WEEK! Holy cow, when did this happen?! I keep thinking about it but I still can’t believe it.

But I have a lot of other things to think about, this is the last weekend before our big trip to Canada. Usually we are very light packers, and last minute packers at that. This time I’m thinking I should put more thought into it. Seriously, I’ve been spending hours thinking in my which outfits I will pack for Gabrielle. You know, cause THAT’s really what’s important here.

I broke the screen on my iPhone 3GS last week. Of all the times I let Gabrielle play with it hoping she’d break it so I would have an excuse to get a new phone, I’m the one who broke it. I guess there’s something to be said about dropping a phone 5 feet off the ground compared to 1 foot off the ground. Since both of our contracts are just now expiring, we looked at our options. I wanted to switch to Android phones but in the end iPhone is just so much easier. With Android being available on multiple phones, there’s a different timeline for when software updates are available for different phones (if ever at all), when apps are available on different phones, which apps don’t support which phones. Way too many options, way too many places where it can fail me in the 2-year length of a contract.

This is how we ended up choosing to stick with iPhones. A new version comes out (or is announced) every June, but this year the next generation iPhone is delayed to September. I was considering toughing out my cracked screen until September, but then I started getting dead pixels growing exponentially around the crack. If the number of dead pixels doubles every 6 hours, how long will it take before the whole screen is dead. Hum, there’s a calculus problem somewhere in there.

And so ta-da! I am now the proud owner of a white iPhone 4! I feel kind of lame buying a phone that’s ultimately 1 year old in design, but the white one just came out this month so at least I feel a little special. I realize the color doesn’t change the fact that it’s still 1 year old technology, but call me a sucker, it not being available until now made me want it ever more. So pretty, my love.

So how do I like it? I didn’t mind my 3GS until I got the iPhone 4, holy moly the retina display is AMAZING. Everything is just so crisp, it feels a lot easier on the eyes when I read on my phone which is a big deal because I use it as an ereader. I’m so happy with it! Yay!

Anyway, happy Friday everyone! Good luck with the rapture tomorrow! (My gosh, some people)


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