The tubes

Alright, the full story. We arrived at the outpatient surgery center this morning at 7:30am as instructed, for our 8:30am surgery. I thought we would die trying to entertain Gabrielle for one whole hour before the surgery, but turns out the nurses did most of the entertaining for us! Everyone fell in love with Gabrielle. There were the “oh my gosh, she can walk so well!” and the “what beautiful blue eyes” and the swoons. And there were the 2 beaming parents (that would be us).

Finally came 8:30am and the whole thing was over before we knew it. We were waiting out in the waiting room maybe 15-20 minutes max before they called us back saying it was done and she was awake. Our nurse had warned us all the babies wake up crying. Our little lady? She was a champ! She was a little out of it but not crying at all. Not even a peep. There was a beautiful saltwater fish tank in the recovery room and she stared at it and pointed to the fish and just rested in our arms like a trooper. I thought we just might catch a break today and get to bring home this peaceful quiet baby. Then she threw up all over me, drank apple juice, and just like that, Gabrielle was back! She was wiggling to get out of our arms and run around! Man, that girl is motivated.

The doctor who did the surgery said there was no liquid in the left ear, but there was thick mucousy liquid in the right ear. Yuck! She just finished a round of antibiotics last week so we were really glad we went ahead with the surgery considering antibiotics didn’t help her get rid of that thick stuff. The doctor also mentioned her ear canals are very small, he had to put in smaller tubes than usual cause the regular ones didn’t fit! I guess that explain why she was having such a problem evacuating liquid in there.

And guess what, when we left she said “bye bye” to the nurse! That was quick!

Anyway, very successful procedure and recovery all around. We got her her favorite food for lunch (chicken enchiladas with rice and beans from Los Arroyos) and now she is napping with a full happy tummy and empty happy ears!


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