Just my luck

Let’s start with an “hypothetical” scenario. Let’s say Chris, Gabrielle, and I go out with my car. Chris and I both grab our set of keys but he ends up driving so I leave my keys in the car cause I don’t need them. And let’s assume that when we get back home, I might potentially do something like, oh, forget to take my my keys out of the car. Hypothetically. Just shooting ideas. The next morning, Chris is already gone to school by the time I want to leave for work and in this scenario, my keys are locked in my car. Thankfully, if that were to happen, and I’m not saying it has (like a gazillion times), I have a spare key in the apartment to unlock my keys out of my car.

Enter another scenario where, say, I’m in a rush. Instead of using the spare key to unlock my keys out of the car and dutifully returning the spare key in the apartment, I decide to leave without returning the spare in its spot. If we continue this scenario, I get home and use my set of keys as usual but accidentally forget the spare key in the car. We all see the problem, right? If I would happen to repeat part A (forgetting keys in car) thereafter, part B (using spare key) is no longer an option.

Which is totally not at all what happened yesterday morning. I did not get both of my keys locked in the car along with my work laptop, work badge to get into the building, and my wallet. I did not have to drive my mom’s car (without my permit), get a guest badge to get into work, and have to work from my backup desktop. Boy, that would have been embarrassing, good thing it didn’t happen, huh?!


In other news, we were outside of Anna’s bakery this morning when BAM! Bird poop hits the pavement right next to me. Seriously, it missed me by 2 inches! Now I’ve been trying to decide: is this unlucky (I almost got pooped on!) or lucky (I didn’t get hit!)?


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