The call back

Well I got a call back from Google tonight, apparently the gut feeling that I just fit in was not reciprocal. I got the default “the hiring committee reviewed your application and were impressed but we do not feel there is a position that would be a good fit for you right now, we’ll keep you in mind in the future” which sounds special except they say that to everyone, so not so special 😦

This is the part where I should say stuff like “better off this way, Google would probably would have required more time away from my daughter” or “better off this way, we can stay in SB” or “on the plus side I got a free trip to Santa Monica”, but there’s no silver lining on my cloud yet, it’s just big and gray for now. I’m 100% bummed.

To add to the fun of this week, Gabrielle’s cold turned into another ear infection (diagnosed Tuesday) and on a return appointment today we got a referral to a specialist (Ear-Nose-and-Throat doctor) who I will call tomorrow and she was also diagnosed with thrush! Double whammy. She is just not having a good time lately, poor thing.

Chris and I have been really struggling to cover all of her days out of daycare over the past couple of weeks. I wish we could be happy about spending more time with her, but it just sucks when you know the cost (we’ll have to make up the lost time working nights, as if we weren’t tired enough!) ugh. I remember someone at work told me in the fall that their daughter was always very sick when she started daycare and her and her husband figured one of them should quit before both of them get fired from missing work so often. Man, I can really relate now! I don’t know how we can keep this up, I think we will just need to chuck up more money to hire a nanny for her sick days and Fridays.

Sorry, no good news from me today! Hopefully our luck will turn around soon.


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