Pig racing

There’s a fair going on at the Earl Warren showgrounds so we decided to check it out today. Gabrielle flipped out (in a bad way) in the carnival section, I’m not sure if it was the noise, the rides, or what. However, she loved the petting zoo!

Petting the alpacas:

Chris picked up the hay on the floor and fed it to the alpacas and then totally unprompted Gabrielle did it too!

Then she also wanted to feed the goats.

Maybe we have a future vet?

The funniest part was the pig race. Those little pigs were so small, it was adorable. Can you believe how fast they can run?! And they did a second round WITH HURDLES! Amazing.


4 thoughts on “Pig racing

  1. Molly really liked seeing pictures of Gabrielle and we watched the pig race 3 times! No, we aren’t done watching the pig race!
    Molly wants to see if Sophie can win the race! again and again

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