The big day

Tomorrow is the big day, my Google onsite interview! I am nervous but also ridiculously excited. I get to visit the inside of a Google office, chat up their engineers for an hour during lunch… It’s like winning the golden ticket and getting a chance to visit the Willy Wonka factory!

Gabrielle woke up sick on Easter Sunday. It’s a mild one, but sickness is the last thing I need right now so I’m going nuts on OJ, fruits, lots of water, and green tea with honey. So far so good, let’s hope it keeps up. Please please please just one more day of healthy, body, you can do it! You’re more than welcome to fail me horribly comes Thursday, but darn it, not tomorrow.

Wish me luck! Now I’m gonna go back to trying to convince myself I am “nervous and ridiculously excited” and not “excited and ridiculously nervous.”


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