It’s a sign

I haven’t written in a while. I’m a strong believer that “no news is good news” but sometimes that’s just not the case. Sometimes there is no news cause you’ve had a hell of a week at work, your baby is not sleeping well, you’re going through a nerve-racking interview process with Google, and there’s a house on your street that you really want to buy if only you could decide to stay in Santa Barbara but you also want to explore your options and why couldn’t it go on the market 2 months from now?! That was all last week, a very emotionally exhausting week. There was just TOO MUCH going on at the same time.

In comparison, this week was much better. Things leveled out, calmed down, and I received some very good news. Before we get to the good news, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

I have been a Google fan since way back when people still used Webcrawler and Gmail was by invitation only. I’ve always wanted to work at Google but the interview process sounded so intimidating. They are seriously intense. Plus, we were “stuck” in Santa Barbara while Chris finished school and Google is in the bay area. With Chris’ graduation approaching, I was working up the guts to apply to Google when a recruiter contacted me through LinkedIn saying they were hiring in their Southern California offices (Santa Monica and Irvine) and was I interested? It’s a sign! Heck yeah, I’m interested!

I picked to apply to the Santa Monica office over Irvine because it’s bigger and the work they are doing there sounded really cool. I asked for 2 weeks before the first phone interview to review my algorithms, did the phone interview, and waited one week for the results. Lo and behold, they invited me for an onsite interview. I am in a dream! A dream where I talked to someone on the phone for one hour and they believed I was smart! I know, WHAAAAT?!

So I am scheduled to do the onsite interview next week (aah!). We’re thinking about dropping Gabrielle off at my mom’s Tuesday evening, then Chris and I can spend the night at a hotel in Santa Monica Tuesday night so I don’t have to worry about driving into LA in morning traffic the day of the interview. And I’ll be more rested for my interview (assuming stress-sleep is better than baby-and-stress-sleep). I figured it was good plan because this way we get a bit of another little date night too, so comes the worse even if I completely mess up the interview then at least something good came out of it!

But I won’t mess it up of course. No. I will rock the interview, charm the interviewers with my wit and sunny disposition, and get the job! Yeah! Wish me luck, internets. And have yourselves a good Easter weekend!


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