Plan B

Whenever Chris and I have a bad day, we fantasize about starting an alpaca farm in the middle of nowhere. Acres of land, sun-filled days, fresh air, animals all around, the great outdoors, working with our hands, a simple life with a simple job with simple problems. None of this high-tech high-stress banging-your-head-on-the-wall fluorescent-lights cubicle crap. We love our jobs… most days. But on the bad days, there’s the fantasy of Plan B.

I don’t remember how the topic came up at work recently, I think my boss said something about changing his job to something more simple. So I explain my Plan B to my boss and 2 co-workers. Then one at a time they replied “hair cutter”, “construction”, and “garbage man.” They weren’t picking something at random, these were heart-felt answers that required no thinking at all because they had already been chosen long ago.

I guess we all need a fantasy to help us make it through the bad days. What cracked me up is that all our fantasies have nothing to do money, glamor, or excitement. Just good ol’ manual labor. Is that sad?!

How about you, anyone else have their alternate-life all planned out?


6 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. My sister and I used to say we’d cut out and be pool waitresses in Key West. But now that I have Anna that doesn’t work so well. Man, I don’t even have a plan B anymore.

    • At least your old plan involved an exotic location! Well if you don’t have a plan B anymore, maybe it is because you don’t feel like you need one?! That could be a good thing!

  2. When the papaerwork got overwhelming or the parents of the kids were too demanding, I always wanted to be a forest ranger. One of my speech path friends thought driving a twinkie truck would be fun! Actually, we all knew about Kathy’s fantasy and would look at her for guidance as to how to apply when the paperwork changed for the worse! Have a great day!

  3. I just want to retire on a mountain top some place all by myself… Heidi said she would rather a beach, I told her thats fine, I said by myself and that is what I meant. Didnt go over so well.

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