Date night

As I mentioned before, our new childcare is only Monday-Thursday. Which means we have to cover Fridays ourselves. We decided to split it like this: one Friday is Chris, one Friday is me, and one Friday my mom will drive up to SB. What, you didn’t think she could just *not* see Gabrielle on a regular basis anymore, did you?!

This week is my mom’s first out-of-SB Friday, and I had a crazy idea. I know my mom’s not crazy about spending a lot of time in our apartment (I admit, it’s dirty) and – somewhat as a remedy to the above but not entirely unselfishly – I suggested she could bring Gabby to her house on Friday, watch her overnight, and we’d pick her up Saturday afternoon. This solves many problems. 1) My mom can watch Gabby at her house. Big. Clean. House. 2) It’s something different for Gabby, different toys. 3) Chris and I both have to get some work done Saturday. 4) WE GET FRIDAY NIGHT OFF!!!

We love Gabrielle, of course, of course, but we haven’t had a night off together alone since she was born! We are planning the whole thing to the minute to make sure to maximize proper utilization of our time. Not gonna waste 15 minutes trying to decide what to do or 20 minutes arguing what movie to watch. Nope, no wasting! We already picked a restaurant, already bought a bottle of wine. Oh, and we are going to sleep. Well maybe we will sleep if there’s any time left!

The funny thing is, on those rare occasions when we are baby-free, we look at each other in the eyes and go “wow, haven’t seen you in a while, you look familiar” because while we spend a lot of time together, our eyes are always on Gabrielle.

Now, you think I can convince my mom to do this every 3rd Friday?! *grins*


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