I brought Gabrielle back to the doctor Tuesday morning. Her ears were starting to clear up, but she was having such an adverse reaction to the current antibiotic (Cetrin I think) that they gave her a new one… Biaxin! That’s the one I just took that made my mouth taste like pennies. I’m so sorry, cupcake!

Her fever stopped Tuesday morning though, so I watched her all day Tuesday but sent her off to daycare on Wednesday and Thursday. It was her first full days! It went very well. There is just one little problem with these things called “naps”.

Kim is trying to figure out a napping schedule that works for everyone. Gabrielle usually naps at 9 and 12, but how long she naps is unpredictable. Let me rephrase that, how long she naps is predictably short! The toddlers nap at 12 for one hour, and Kim is having the hardest time getting Gabrielle to nap longer than 30 minutes. She wakes up after 20-30 mins and wakes up everyone else! I think the moms of the toddlers probably hate me now for making their kids go home extra wired.

On Thursday, Kim kept Gabrielle awake at 9. Skipping the morning nap so she’ll sleep super well at noon? Kim thought she was being so clever! The girl is going to pass out for 2 hours for sure, she thought! Guess how long Gabrielle napped at noon that day? … Drum roll please … 28 minutes! Kim was telling me at the end of the day “how can a baby go on with a 10 hour day with only a 28 minute nap?!” Oh, you underestimate my child, her days are 13 hours long.


2 thoughts on “Antibiotics

  1. Gabrielle is so similar to Anna. We had MANY months of 30 minute naps. She does a bit better now but some babies just don’t need that much sleep.

    • How did we end up with such active babies?! I always feel guilty like “maybe all babies are like this and other moms are better than me” and then I feel so relieved when Kim tells me how different my daughter is. Oh good, I’m not just whiny, I *do* have a crazy baby! lol

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