Suggestion to the pharmaceutical companies

My mom has moved back home and today would have been Gabrielle’s first full day at daycare had she gone. Unfortunately though, it looks like we will start missing a lot more work because of Miss SickyPants now that we have to stay home ourselves every time she breaks a fever.

She started the antibiotics for her ear infection Friday, but the fever kept getting worse. Finally Sunday morning it was 102.4! That was high enough for us, we brought her to the ER. The doctor there checked her out and said the antibiotics are not going to do much if it’s a viral infection, and just to alternate Ibuprofen and Tylenol for the fever. At least her lungs sounded clear, we are definitively a little freaked out after Molly’s pneumonia! (By the way, I’m not sure if I mentioned it here, she is out of the hospital now!)

Today Gabrielle’s fever is still persisting (tough not that bad since we are medicating it more as per the doctor’s suggestion). Chris took the day off to watch Gabrielle today, it’s my turn tomorrow. We wish we could pop in a bunch of movies, let Gabrielle relax, and get a little work done from home. But she doesn’t pay any attention to the TV! And she definitively does not sit still. How can I get her to relax?!

Forget Ibuprofen, we want Ibesleeping. Or I’d settle for some Ibewatchingtv.


2 thoughts on “Suggestion to the pharmaceutical companies

  1. Get well soon Gabrielle! The only tips from here are to wash her sheets/blankets everyday! That seems to help!
    We love you!
    Grandpa and Grandma

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