Who cares?

I’m sad to report that the sleep-through-the-night thing was a fluke, but it hasn’t been too bad either. Sometimes I feel like this blog is just a log of Gabrielle’s sleep schedule. Why do I keep talking about it all the time?! No one cares if or when or at what time she sleeps. I get it, I really do. But gosh, it’s amazing how all of a sudden sleep becomes the most important thing in the world when it is unpredictable!

Gabrielle’s cold of the week brought her back to the doctor today for yet another ear infection and set of antibiotics. Our
regular doctor was completely booked today so Gabrielle saw a nurse practitioner instead. The nurse gave her a much more powerful antibiotic this time to (hopefully) stop this recurring ear infection madness in its track and she also scheduled for Gabrielle to go back in 3 weeks to make sure all the liquid in her ear is fully gone. Yes, thank you! This is something my doctor never offered, so I think I’m in love with this nurse practitioner.

I received a nice note today from someone telling me that she reads my blog all the time and really enjoys it. It’s funny cause sometimes I feel like I’m talking to the wall here. I’m not fishing for compliments and I’m not trying to guilt you guys into commenting more often, obviously I realize that blogging isn’t exactly a two-way street. What I mean is that in this impersonal world wide web it’s easy to forget I have readers. Real people, following us. And every once in a while when I get a note from a faraway friend or distant relative saying they appreciate my blog, it just makes my day! It just makes me want to shout “oh, somebody *does* care!”

Happy Friday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Who cares?

  1. You know I’m reading along all the time and I like hearing about Gabrielle. Anna had sleep troubles too so I KNOW what it’s like. Believe me, I know how great it is to have someone appreciate your blog. Keep it up!

  2. Hooray! You two found a peds office that recognizes that Gabrielle’s ears need to be clear to hear!!! Congratulations! It doesn’t matter if the fluid is infected or not, the middle ear should be clear! Hooray for this nurse practitioner and you for finding her!
    We read your blog every day, more than once a day! Thank you for all the news about Gabrielle, ants (we thought you guys didn’t have bugs out there), walking pictures are too wonderful (plus we get to see you two in the pictures) so please keep the blog coming!
    Grandpa and Grandma (the Ohio ones)

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