So many viruses, so little time!

Well, Gabrielle is sick. Again. Started with a bit of a cough on Sunday, now she is a snot factory. You guys, it stopped being funny 10 colds ago! The girl is sick every other week, what are we going to do with her? Can I trade her in for a healthier model?! Just kidding, cupcake, we love you!

Anyway, it’s just a cold… Lots of congestion, sleeping through the night, that kind of stuff. Wait, what was that about sleeping through the night? Yep, she slept through the night last night!!! That was probably the second time since September. Guess it took being sick to get there? Whatever the reason, I’ll take it.

Oh, and you know how I mentioned her taking a few steps alone like one month ago? I totally thought I’d be writing one week later that she was walking everywhere all the time, turns out things don’t progress that quickly. Shows you what I know. She is pretty close though. She walks all the time holding one hand only, and it’s obvious to everyone but herself that she doesn’t need it at all. We’re basically holding her hand for moral support. In the last couple of days though she’s ventured to walking by herself between furniture pieces that are close together! We’ll just be hanging out and we’re like “oh my gosh, she just walked from the table to the couch!”, little things like that. Trouble is a’brewing.

Which segways into another topic: gates! We want to keep Gabrielle out of the kitchen because that’s where we have the cats’ litter box, cats’ food and water, Catch’s (the bearded dragon) cage, the cricket box (Catch’s food), on top of the usual kitchen hazards… Gas stove, trash, etc. The kitchen and living area are separated by a doorway maybe 5 or 6 feet wide. Any recommendation for gates? It needs to
be sturdy because the girl can climb! Future escape artist, I think so.

Last but not least, my niece Molly is out of the hospital after some 5+ weeks in ICU. Way to go, Molly! Molly kept a nice blog through her time at the hospital to keep everyone informed about her situation. Despite being under bad circumstances, we loved her blog! Think I can convince my sister-in-law (hi Jill!) to continue blogging post recovery?! *grins*


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