The case of the missing bag

You know the missing bag I talked about in my last post?! It has been found!

Here’s the conversation I had with my boss and my co-workers A and B.

Boss: Did you find your bag?
Me, thinking it was weird because I didn’t remember telling him my bag was missing: Hum, no…
Boss, opening the door of the small bookshelf in my cube: It’s here!
Me: Whaaaaa? (I never ever ever put stuff in that closed bookshelf so I never bothered to look there)
Boss: I saw it was right next to the trash can and I was worried the night cleaning crew would throw it away so I hid it. You didn’t even ask me or coworker A and B where it was? I told them I was putting it there.
Me: No, why would I? No one touches other people’s stuff usually. (Realizing that sounded kinda of rude) I’ve been leaving my bag under my desk next to the trash can for months without any problems, it is obviously not trash, but thanks, that was considerate of you!
Boss, to coworker B who was just walking by: Ariane didn’t ask any of us where her bag was! I told you guys where it was because I thought she would ask you when she saw it was missing, but she didn’t!
Coworker B: I told you she wouldn’t!
(Great, now will-Ariane-ask-where-her-breastpump-bag-is-located is a bet for the whole team?!)
Coworker B to me: When did you find out where it was hidden?
Me: Boss just told me.
Coworker B: Ha ha ha, you didn’t know this whole time?!
Me: Ha ha (forced laugh) ha. No. I didn’t. I looked everywhere for it, even at home! I even asked HR if someone brought it to lost & found in case I had misplaced it! I looked in all the drawers in my desk!!
Boss: Yeah, at first I put it in your drawer but then I thought you would look in your drawer first cause that’s where you keep all your things, so I hid it in your closed bookshelf!

WTH?! I can understand hiding the bag from the cleaning crew out of genuine concern, but why are you hiding my bag from ME?!?! I guess he thought it would be funny. I don’t think any of them understood the embarassing nature of what was inside the bag! Except for coworker A who’s cube is right next to mine and also right next to the nursing room so he sees me walk to the nursing room with that bag twice a day, he was being real quiet through this conversation!

Coworker B: So what’s inside the bag anyway?!
Me (crap!): Hum, (cough cough), stuff.


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